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Redington Beach is a cozy coastal town and a fabulous place for beachcombers who want quick access to the sand from their property. The town is named after Charles Redington who bought the land in the 1930s and it's the ideal spot for some peaceful relaxation. You won’t have to share the beach with a crowd. There are convenient beach-access ramps to get you to the ocean quickly and easily, and at only 1 square mile, everything else you need is within walking distance!


Redington Beach offers a great selection of Waterfront and Non-Waterfront Cribs in almost any Beach living style. ≈$$$$$≈


Redington Beach has a Beachwear shop that sells the very hot European Men's Spoon Mono Bikini. Best colors are Pink & Yellow! Once you've see it you've seen everything!!

≈Mr St Pete≈


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