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Kenneth City was named after Kenneth Colen, son of a local developer in 1957. This lovely city is given the title “A Safe, Friendly Small Town” and is famous for being secure with a warm and welcoming vibe amongst its residents. It has undergone extensive revamping over the last few years. There are lots of lively, vibrant Pub-style restaurants and bars that are loved by the locals, with some Sushi, Thai and Tapas joints for those with more dainty tastes!


Kenneth City offers a great selection of Waterfront and Non-Waterfront Cribs in almost any living style. ≈$$$≈

Kenneth City is a place to eat and if your restless, Bed Racing! Must be a custom made US Bed, not Chinese, and on wheels, otherwise it's not a race. No Bed Racing when lights out!!

≈Mr St Pete≈


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