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Gandy was named after George Gandy and the Gandy Bridge which links the community to Tampa. This little-known gem of Florida offers a unique and more peaceful vibe for its residents. Free from the hordes of tourists, and with a family-centered feel to it, Gandy has a thriving and welcoming community and a Beach (AKA Redneck Riviera Beach) that you don’t have to share with Sun & Fish seeking vacationer.


Gandy offers a great selection of Waterfront and Non-Waterfront Cribs typically in the Condo style. ≈$$$≈


Gandy Bridge was known as the Friendship Trail Bridge and it was said that once you crossed over from Tampa into this quaint town, you'd be safe from the Tampa Mafia. Now if you don't pay your gambling debts on the St Pete side, you can't cross over the bridge to Tampa!

≈Mr St Pete≈


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