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Arrive in Dunedin and you will feel at home. One senses comfort, quaintness and charm. But don't think you that are in a sleepy Southern town. Dunedin offers some of the best dining in The Sunshine Bay. Add to the list, world class major league baseball, art & culture events, pristine white sandy beaches on Dunedin Causeway, Caladesi Island State Park and the #1 Beach in America, Honeymoon Island.


Dunedin offers a great selection of Waterfront and Non-Waterfront Cribs in almost any living style. ≈$$$$≈


Dunedin is home to multiple breweries including Florida's oldest, Dunedin Brewery, which is why you will find grown men dancing in skirts & blowing pipes, acting like Scotsmen, in November of each year. 

≈Mr St Pete≈


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